What is 0Chain?
  • 0Chain is decentralizing storage.
  • 0Chain is a data privacy & protection platform that continuously protects against data breach, automates data compliance, and securely shares data to a 3rd party.

a) Automated Data Privacy Compliance
b) Continous Data Breach Protection
c) Secured share data
d) Eliminate liability costs

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How is 0Chain decentralized?

0Chain is a permissionless public blockchain (also available as private networks on Oracle Cloud and AWS).

Multiple leaders generate a block to prevent DDoS. The highest rank block gets verified, notarized, and finalized. The finalized blocks are sent to sharders for storage. 100% deterministic finality is based on blocks that other generators have built on top of the finalized block. Learn more.

Data is uploaded/downloaded asynchronously to multiple servers in parallel instead of a single server for a traditional cloud.

Your private key generates 2 keys, of which one is kept on the mobile, and the other on the laptop. If one device is compromised, your assets are still safe. You need two devices to get your transaction through.

0Box will not control which blobbers get allocated. Blobbers are chosen randomly based on a limit price, and during the allocation process, the blobber public keys are registered on the blockchain for verification.

How are protocol upgrades decided?

All parameter upgrades to the protocols will be based on Yes/No votes. Governance Protocol.

It depends on how it is set up by the initiator. It can take seconds to weeks. These processes are explained in further detail in our Governance Protocol.

It's secure because it involves burning of tokens and is not limited by time as there are infinite rounds of votes. It is an expensive process if you're trying to move the vote in one way or another. It is decentralized because anyone can vote.

How do I become a Miner or Storage provider or MSP for 0Chain?

Check our Miners & Developers page.

Check our Miners & Developerspage

It will be sent to your delegated Miner account, or via pool to individual accounts.

Which currencies are useable on 0Chain?


A new crypto asset tied to data.

Interest starts at 7% and Stake rewards start at 0.7 token per block and both decrease 10% y/y. Max supply is capped at 400M tokens.

See details in our token economics whitepaper (link)